SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.2.19 has been released and is available on the Visual Studio marketplace. This version includes the following changes:

  • Changing the build definition/branch selection or selecting a node in the feature tree updates the URL in the address bar
  • Opening a link to LivingDoc containing a feature/scenario now selects the corresponding drop-down entries and opens the feature tree
  • Opening LivingDoc using a URL that does not contain a definition/branch opens the latest selected build definition and most recently selected branch


  • The bottom line of the feature tree is no longer cut off

The new LivingDoc version 0.2.17 is available and it contains the feature of linking feature/scenario tags to certain work items.

This prefix will indicate that the tag marked with it is a special tag that will be connected to the work item.

The way it works is as follows:

  • A prefix for the project should be chosen. This prefix will indicate that the tag marked with it is a special tag that will be connected to the work item.
  • Change the tags in the project’s feature files so that each one contains both the prefix and the id of the related work item (e.g.: if the prefix is @workItem and the id is 3212 the tag should be @workItem3212)
  • In the build, pipeline chooses the LD build step. There’s a new option for setting the prefix. Change it to whatever prefix is set in the project.
  • After a new build is run, the generated LivingDoc will display these connected tags bold, and clicking on them will pop up the related work item in a modal window.

Other things to know:

  • LD only accepts (and matches) a single prefix per project
  • In the project, the tag should consist only of the prefix and the work item number. No separator character is needed nor it is allowed.
  • In the build task where you can define the prefix, it is not obligatory to use ’@’ as a starting character of the prefix, LD will still recognize the prefix in the feature files
  • If there’s a tag in a feature file that is prefixed with this special work item prefix but has no work item number, something that cannot be parsed to a number or a non-existing work item id, the popup window will have no content but will show an error message (e.g. @workItem in itself as a tag would cause such an error message)

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been updated and is now available on the Visual Studio marketplace.

The new version of LivingDoc contains the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Show builds for other branches than master (dropdown menu to select branch)
  • Store the selected build definition/branch per user (instead of per project as before)
  • If there is no successful build on the selected definition/branch yet, we show a message
  • “Queue build” button uses the selected branch, latest commit and current build definition version

Furthermore in the next hours every collection administrator will receive an e-mail with a notification. Because of the changes in this update, LivingDoc needs additional permissions to access your project/repository.

Your notification will look similar to this one.

You will be unable to use the new features until you grant the required permission to LivingDoc!

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been updated to 0.2.6 and is now available on the Visual Studio marketplace.

New features and UI Improvements

  • When searching, nodes in the tree are only displayed if they contain the search term directly, or if a child node contains the search term. Nodes with no hits are now hidden.
  • Indirect matches are now more visible in the tree
  • The last successful build and its date are displayed when viewing the documentation. If a build has failed since the last successful build, or a build is currently in progress, this information is also displayed.
  • ISO format is used for the date of builds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed strange search results when doing a full search for ‘0’ (zero)
  • Fixed issue with the currently selected node being displayed in the tree even if it does not match the search criteria
  • Fixed a latency issue resulting in missing build info

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.2.2 has been released and is available on the Visual Studio marketplace. This version includes a number of QOL improvements for managing builds:

New features

  • You can now select a project language in the build task itself. The previous fallback was to use English as the language of the feature files. This would cause problems in projects using other languages, if only the folder containing the repository was selected as the source, meaning the language settings in the app.config file were ignored.
  • The build selector is now more streamlined, making it easier to locate the desired build:
    • Builds are sorted alphabetically
    • Only those builds that contain the LivingDoc step are displayed (TFS 2018 and VSTS only!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “The attribute “Update” in element None/Compile is unrecognized” errors
  • Fixed “Not all required parameter are set” when the project path parameter ends with “\”
  • Fixed “System.NullReferenceException” when the project contains empty feature files
  • Fixed issue where Scenario Outline parameters in Table headers are not replaced