Over the past months, many users asked us about SpecFlow merchandising. In particular, we have had requests for stickers for conferences/meet-ups. We have therefore decided to make 2 packages available to the SpecFlow community, one for conferences/meet-ups, and one for contributors to the open source project.

For Conferences, Training, and Meet-ups

SpecFlow has many enthusiastic users from all over the world who regularly get together to share experiences. If you are organizing an event related to SpecFlow or BDD/ATDD/SbE, we can send you a conference package consisting of SpecFlow swag in the shape of various stickers and SpecFlow flyers.

For Contributors

Have you contributed to the SpecFlow open source project and want to show your commitment to the project? As a thank you for contributing, we can send you some SpecFlow stickers so you can help spread the word – and maybe even encourage others to contribute.

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been updated and is now available on the Visual Studio marketplace.

The new version of LivingDoc contains the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Show builds for other branches than master (dropdown menu to select branch)
  • Store the selected build definition/branch per user (instead of per project as before)
  • If there is no successful build on the selected definition/branch yet, we show a message
  • “Queue build” button uses the selected branch, latest commit and current build definition version

Furthermore in the next hours every collection administrator will receive an e-mail with a notification. Because of the changes in this update, LivingDoc needs additional permissions to access your project/repository.

Your notification will look similar to this one.

You will be unable to use the new features until you grant the required permission to LivingDoc!

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been updated to 0.2.6 and is now available on the Visual Studio marketplace.

New features and UI Improvements

  • When searching, nodes in the tree are only displayed if they contain the search term directly, or if a child node contains the search term. Nodes with no hits are now hidden.
  • Indirect matches are now more visible in the tree
  • The last successful build and its date are displayed when viewing the documentation. If a build has failed since the last successful build, or a build is currently in progress, this information is also displayed.
  • ISO format is used for the date of builds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed strange search results when doing a full search for ‘0’ (zero)
  • Fixed issue with the currently selected node being displayed in the tree even if it does not match the search criteria
  • Fixed a latency issue resulting in missing build info

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.2.2 has been released and is available on the Visual Studio marketplace. This version includes a number of QOL improvements for managing builds:

New features

  • You can now select a project language in the build task itself. The previous fallback was to use English as the language of the feature files. This would cause problems in projects using other languages, if only the folder containing the repository was selected as the source, meaning the language settings in the app.config file were ignored.
  • The build selector is now more streamlined, making it easier to locate the desired build:
    • Builds are sorted alphabetically
    • Only those builds that contain the LivingDoc step are displayed (TFS 2018 and VSTS only!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “The attribute “Update” in element None/Compile is unrecognized” errors
  • Fixed “Not all required parameter are set” when the project path parameter ends with “\”
  • Fixed “System.NullReferenceException” when the project contains empty feature files
  • Fixed issue where Scenario Outline parameters in Table headers are not replaced

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.5 has been released. This minor release introduces the ability to output multiple reports (defined in the <Report> element of your profile) in a single test run and fixes some small formatting issues with whitespace in reports.

SpecFlow V2.1 has been officially released and is available to download from NuGet. The most important changes are:

  • Updated to Gherkin 4.0.0 parser
  • Plugin interface for generator and runtime plugins
  • Changed to an event-based interface and added additional hooks for customizing TestThread and scenario dependencies
  • Two new assist methods, FindInSet and FindAllInSet.

The following issue has been fixed:

  • Issue #246: steps without regular expressions cannot pass negative numbers as arguments

You can read full changelog here.

25 May 2016

SpecFlow+ V1.4 has been officially released and is available to download from NuGet. The most important changes are:

  • Updated SpecFlow+ Excel for SpecFlow 2 compatibility (compatible with SpecFlow 2.1)
  • Support for SpecFlow V2’s shared AppDomain parallelisation
  • Use the “about” option to display additional license info (expiry date, upgrade until date) from the command line
  • Report API documentation

Bug fixes:

  • Failed tests are not retried under certain circumstances
  • Not all tags are displayed as traits in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2

A new SpecFlow 2 pre-release package (SpecFlow 2.1.0-preview20160412-16) is available on NuGet:

  • Updated Gherkin parser
  • Improved output support for the specflow.exe GenerateAll command
  • Improved debugging support for the specflow.exe GenerateAll command

Note: This is a pre-release version; the package will only show up in the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio if you chose to “Include prereleases”.

SpecFlow+ Excel has been updated for compatibility with SpecFlow 2. A pre-release version is now available on NuGet. This package requires an updated pre-release version of SpecFlow 2 that will automatically be installed with the SpecFlow+ Excel package. The new SpecFlow 2 package includes an updated Gherkin parser required by the Excel plugin. SpecFlow+ Runner has also been updated to this new version.

Note: This is a pre-release version; the package will only show up in the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio if you chose to “Include prereleases”.

SpecFlow+ Runner 1.4 has been released on This is a pre-release version, so the package will only show up in Visual Studio if you have chosen to display pre-releases.

This release introduces SharedAppDomain support for test thread isolation in order to use the parallelization features introduced with SpecFlow 2.

You can also read more about parallelisation in SpecFlow+ on developer Andreas Willich’s blog.