Introduction of SpecFlow Actions

2021-08-05 21-08-05
Using SpecFlow
by Andreas Willich



One topic where we see teams struggle is the automation part of using SpecFlow and also how to integrate tools with SpecFlow.

So let’s make test automation easy with SpecFlow Actions!

What are SpecFlow Actions?

SpecFlow Actions are our new way to help you all write easier and quicker test automation. They will solve common challenges you encounter during your work of automating an application/API/website/mobile app/microservice/

There will be two kinds of SpecFlow Actions: 

1. Code Snippets

These are small code snippets that solve a particular problem, which can be easily copy-pasted and adapted to your needs. 

2. Plugins

For more complex problems, there will be dedicated plugins for SpecFlow that provide more functionalities and integrate effortlessly into SpecFlow and its features.

Where can I find them?

You will find them here on and also at

Yes, they don’t exist yet. The reason is that we have a lot of ideas about what we could do, but aren’t which ones are more useful for our user community.

Therefore, we created a new forum on our Community Forum at where you can upvote/downvote the proposed ideas and also add your own ideas.

So please use this opportunity to give us additional ideas and input on what is important to you and what would make automation easier for you.

When can I use them?

We are working on them during our next Open Source Iteration! This will happen from August 2nd to August 13th. Once we finish the first ones, we will announce it on Twitter. So follow us there!

As with previous Open Source Iterations, the team will be available for mentoring and helping you to get started contributing. Join us on our Discord server at

We invite you all to join us in developing SpecFlow Actions together and make test automation with SpecFlow easier than ever!