SpecFlow's Masterclass series

BDD Masterclass with Gáspár Nagy

2022-06-20 12:30:00 UTC
2h 30m

4-day Masterclass series for newcomers and advanced users by one of the leaders in the BDD industry. Trainer, Author, and founding member of SpecFlow, Gáspár Nagy.

  • Day 1 – Monday 20th June, 12:30pm – 3:00pm UTC
  • Day 2 – Tuesday 21st June, 12:30pm – 3:00pm UTC
  • Day 3 – Wednesday 22nd June, 12:30pm – 3:00pm UTC
  • Day 4 – Thursday 23rd June, 12:30pm – 3:00pm UTC

Learn about BDD, its benefits & application cases

Upskill your team & improve your processes with SpecFlow

Earn a certificate, participate in a quiz, and join all 4 days to enter into a raffle to win an Amazon Gift card

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About this webinar

A free and comprehensive learning opportunity for anyone at any skill level! Whether you’re just starting with SpecFlow or are an advanced user, this webinar series will help you onboard or deepen your existing skills. It’s modular, which means you can join at any point to make sure the content is relevant to you. Get your questions answered by the founding member of SpecFlow, Gáspár Nagy!

The first webinar of the series is tailored to give an overview of the processes and benefits of Behavior Driven Development (BDD), following webinars present a thorough guide on how to write quality Given-When-Then scenarios (Gherkin), how to automate scenarios with SpecFlow, maintain your BDD solution, and eliminate the gap between technical and non-technical team members by establishing a shared understanding amongst them.

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Dates & Duration

  • Start: 2022-06-20 12:30:00
    Duration: 2h 30m
  • Start: 2022-06-21 12:30:00
    Duration: 2h 30m
  • Start: 2022-06-22 12:30:00
    Duration: 2h 30m
  • Start: 2022-06-23 12:30:00
    Duration: 2h 30m


A series of four live webinars

Recordings available after the last webinar. 

Join for any part

Modular structure allows you to join at any time and according to your skill level


You have questions or something is still unclear? We have a 30 min Q&A at the end of each session.

Webinar Outcomes

  • A solid understanding of the BDD framework and fit of SpecFlow in the development process.
  • Ability to formulate business-readable scenarios and to set up & configure SpecFlow projects.
  • Confident use of architectural patterns and living documentation to keep automation solution clean & easily maintainable.
  • SpecFlow certificate as a proof of your professional growth*
  • Participate in a quiz, and join all 4 days to enter into a raffle to win an Amazon Gift card
*awarded for attending all webinars of the series


Lesson 1

Practicing BDD with SpecFlow

Lesson 2

Formulation: Best practices for writing SpecFlow BDD scenarios

Lesson 3

Concepts, patterns and useful libraries for automating scenarios with SpecFlow

Lesson 4

Maintaining your BDD solution

Attend this Webinar series

2022-06-20 12:30:00 UTC