Getting Started with SpecFlow – A Video Series

Working with our excited user community is the most fun part of our jobs here at SpecFlow.

Thanks to all the great feedback our community has shared with us via Support and Social Media we learned that starting with SpecFlow could use more visual guidance and step by step instructions. With help from our active community member Bas Dijkstra we took a stab at both and produced a 5-part video series that takes new users and beginners through their first steps with SpecFlow. Tune in and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

In part 1, you will learn about the fundamentals of BDD its characteristics, SpecFlow’s different components and how they play into a BDD work item lifecycle. (Duration: 8 minutes)

In part 2, you will learn how to set up SpecFlow, write and execute your first scenario. (Duration: 13 minutes)

In part 3, you will learn how to write more expressive SpecFlow steps. (Duration: 13 minutes)

In part 4, you will learn how to tide up your Features and Scenarios. (Duration 13 minutes)

In the final 5 part, you will learn how to effectively work with SpecFlow tables. (Duration 14 minutes)

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