Welcome to our new SpecFlow documentation!

We are happy to announce the release of our new documentation for SpecFlow and SpecFlow+. In the past weeks, we were working hard to bring our new documentation docs.specflow.org online.

You are now able to find all our documentation for SpecFlow, SpecFlow+ Runner, SpecFlow+ LivingDoc and SpecFlow+ Excel on docs.specflow.org. The documentation for SpecMap will come soon.

What’s new?

Our new documentation has some very helpful benefits over our old documentation system:

  • Integrated Search
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Support for Multiple Versions (not yet available, this will come with next bigger release)

Integrated Search

Finally it is possible to search for help in an easy way, by using our new integrated search functionality.

New integrated search functionality


Contribute to the SpecFlow documentation and help us to further improve and update the content, so that new community members can get started even faster. We’ve made already the first improvements and updates of the content during our migration to docs.specflow.org.

Contribute to the new SpecFlow documentation

You can find the repository for the latest SpecFlow content on GitHub, which allows you to contribute, quickly submit issues and fixes via pull requests. Additionally, we’ve added a feedback functionality to each page, so that you are able to quickly leave us feedback about the content.

If something is missing or incomplete, please submit a new GitHub issue for it.

We are looking forward to your help 🙌

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