SpecFlow's BDD Masterclass

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The SpecFlow BDD Masterclass by Gaspar Nagy is highly rated among the SpecFlow and BDD communities. It is based on the live webinar series, now available as an on-demand version via SpecFlow school.


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This course is highly rated
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Course Outcomes

  • A solid understanding of the BDD framework and role of SpecFlow in the development process.
  • Ability to formulate business-readable scenarios and to set up & configure SpecFlow projects.
  • Confident use of architectural patterns and living documentation to keep automation solution clean & easily maintainable.
  • SpecFlow certificate as a proof of your professional growth

Lesson 1

Practicing BDD with SpecFlow

Lesson 2

Formulation: Best practices for writing SpecFlow BDD scenarios

Lesson 3

Concepts, patterns and useful libraries for automating scenarios with SpecFlow

Lesson 4

Maintaining your BDD solution