SpecFlow 2.2.0 Released

SpecFlow 2.2.0 has been officially released and can now be downloaded.

Core Changes:

  • Projects are now read by XML instead of using MSBuild. The general functionality is working. If something is missing or you experience any problems, please submit an issue and look here
  • Before/AfterFeature Hooks can now access the FeatureContext by parameter, see #779
  • Upgrade to BoDi 1.3, see #876

New Features:

  • MsTest: Support for [DeploymentItem] attribute with @mstest:DeploymentItem tag (Issue 803)
  • JSON configuration support: You can also store your SpecFlow configuration in specflow.json (#690)
    Examples can be found here.
    Note: This change required some small changes to the plugin interface; some custom plugins may therefore no longer work correctly.
  • Order sensitive overload for compare to set #778
  • TestThreadContext can be used for test thread related data sharing (#875)
  • Support for xUnit2 ITestOutputHelper (#874)


  • Removed obsolete StepScopeAttribute – use the ScopeAttribute instead
  • Fixed: Projection.Equals() returns false unnecessarily if table headers differ from property name by casing
  • Fixed regex-less step definition support, see StepDefinitionsWithoutRegex.feature for details (Issues #715#301)
  • Fix in executing the code behind generation #855
  • Fixed hooks with multiple tags executing more than once #848
  • Fix code behind generation if it is triggered by a Save command in Visual Studio (#877)