SpecFlow & SpecFlow+Runner 3.5 Are Available!

What is new?

This release of SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ Runner combines a few small fixes. The biggest change is the support for .NET 5. More details about it can be read here. For a complete list have a look at the detailed changelog below.

Thanks to all our amazing contributors!

This release would not be possible without you.

These are contributors to SpecFlow since the last 3.4.31 release

Detailed Changelog



  • Support for .NET 5
  • Add support for Castle Windsor dependency injection via plugin


  • System.* packages are no longer referenced in .csproj files. Instead Framework Reference is used. #1962
  • Result collection has not been started issues #2008 #2159 #1956
  • Generated code causes CS1591 doc warning #2189

SpecFlow+ Runner


  • Support for SpecFlow 3.5
  • Support for .NET 5


  • Fix: Result collection has not been started issues #2008 #2159 #1956