SpecFlow+ LivingDoc 0.6.133 Released

A new version of SpecFlow+ LivingDoc has been released and is now available from the Visual Studio marketplace.

Important change: The location of SpecFlow+ LivingDoc in Azure DevOps has been changed. SpecFlow+ Living Doc can now be found under Overview | SpecFlow+ LivingDoc. This ensures that all users, including those without a Test Plan license can access the documentation.


  • Updated UI:
    • Moved the location of LivingDoc in Azure DevOps to be under Overview | SpecFlow+ LivingDoc so that all users can access it without needing a Test Plan license
    • Changed the appearance of the feature explorer and search filters
  • View documentation for a specific repository and branch
  • Improved search and filters

New features:

  • Pull requests can now be selected from the list of branches in order to review the documentation for PRs that have not yet been merged